Promoting the growing of tree nuts in Canada, and their use.
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StarsGathering in your Constance Bay Village Red Oak Forest acorn crop

You pick acorns off the ground, not off the tree. This is good, because then the tree can be small or large, produce a zillion acorns way overhead, out of the way, so you still have the all the landscape underneath to walk around! Some people call this 3D permaculture. Wait until the last of the year's acorns are falling. These will be the biggest, the best and fully ripe. too. Ripe acorns are usually pretty much brown. Acorn fall begins mid-September with greenish but mostly fully grown, and continues to mid-October when the fully mature acorns are falling.

  • Pick the acorns before the leaves fall, OR

  • Rake or vacuum them up from lawn, pavement and under the trees.

  • Sift out the debris by picking out the best acorns.

  • You are ready for the next step, processing the crop. Here's some ideas on how...

    We are investigating some acorn gathering tools...
    Bag-a-NutHere is a machine that is pushed like a hand lawnmower. It is said to be able to pick up acorns off turf and roadway. It can be operated by adults and youths who have the strenght to push it. A similar mechanism can be had designed to be towed by a garden tractor. A gang of three machine could be yoked for the garden tractor. It the basic mechanism works well then a stable of machines could make short work of acorn harvesting around the village. Combined with a leaf collector, handoperated or possibily mounted in front on the tractor, could clear a yard of leaves and acorns in one pass. The leaves could be feedstock for a local composting operation selling product in the region. Here is an acorn picker-upper called the Nut Wizard that anyone can use, even kids. We tried it - not bad but not perfect.
    Here is another called Pecan Picker that sure works for pecans and could work for acorns. Safe for kids, too, just like Nut Wizard. We tried it too, not bad, but still not perfect. We found it somewhat better than the Nut Wizard. There are many other similar devices to the Nut Wizrd and the Pecan Picker that work on much the same principle. We are still looking for the best picker upper.

    Canada Nutculture Association, Ottawa, Canada: "Progress through Research & Development"