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StarsThe Green Men of the Red Oak Forest

Green Man Mask Haaloween Green ManThe mythical Green Man, sometimes said to be mother nature’s husband, turns the forests green in the spring and keeps them green until the autumn, so the story goes.

Does the Green Man have a place in the Red Oak Forest of Constance Bay. Yes. Our red oaks define our village, lift our spirits, manage our water table and endless more good.

Oak Green ManThe Green Man knows all this, and more. He cannot do all the work himself (he is mythical, after all), so he will expect the wisest of our men in the Bay to do the work on his behalf.

So, The Green Men of the Red Oak Forest of Constance Bay, Canada, will keep our penninsula alive and well.

Drawn Green ManThese Green Men should meet from time to time to examine how well our community is doing in its responsibility to its Red Oak Forest. Shortcomings will be noticed. The word will go out at the annual Red Oak Forest Festival and maybe also on special occasions from time to time if and when dire circumstances arise. The village will correct the problem. And the Red Oak Forest will thrive, and the village with it.

Irish Green Man This will be the sacred task of the wise Green Men of the Red Oak Forest of Constance Bay, Canada.

Are you a wise man in our village? Yes? Then join us Green Men of the Red Oak Forest in keeping our village the most beautiful village in Canada!

Learn more about the green man here and here Green Man Ceramic

For our Red Oak Forest Festival, lets make our own Green Man paraphernalia, paintings. drawings, masks, pottery, ceramics, carvings, candles, doorknockers, purses, wallets, clothing, costumes, furniture, cabinetry, jewelry and more...

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