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StarsAnnie and Bill's Halloween 'Trick or Treat' 2008 Invitation

For the first time ever, Constance Bay Village experienced its own Red Oak Forest Halloween 'Trick or Treat' celebration, thanks to local celebrities Annie Oaktree and Wild Bill Hickory. Here is Annie and Bill's Halloween 'trick or treat' invitation to the youngsters living in the Constance Bay Village's 'Red Oak Forest'.
BOOOO! Halloween's coming - here is our Constance Bay RED OAK invitation to all you 'trick or treaters'...

Hi! I'm
Annie Oaktree

I live in Constance Bay Village

I love red oak acorns and all the red oak trees in Constance Bay!
I hope you will come to see me at 374 Allbirch Road on Halloween. I have HALLOWEEN TREATs specially for you. Bring along a RED OAK ACORN and an extra goodie!

Howdy! I'm
Wild Bill Hickory

I live in Constance Bay Village

I like hickory nuts best, but I also like the big red oaks of Constance Bay, too!
Hey, come see me on Halloween at 374 Allbirch Road. I have HALLOWEEN TREATS specially for you. Bring along a RED OAK ACORN and an extra goodie!
Sponsored by Vera and Henry (Hank) Jones, 274 Allbirch Road, Constance Bay Village. 613-832-2745.

Here's what happened that magical night
This was the first time Annie and Bill, celebrity spokespersons for, sent an invitation into the community to celebrate tree nuts in Canada, yes, but specially to celebrate the red oaks trees in the Red Oak Forest of Constance Bay Village. Annie and Bill at the door on Halloween(They thank Vera Jones for suggesting the idea of the celebration to them).

Well, it was a success! And our Halloween Greenman agrees ( see Mike Harding's history of the Green Man)
Annie and Bill stood by yhr front door to welcome our trick-or-treaters. Now, we had lots of treats to give out, some nutty and some just sweet. From about 6PM to nearly 9PM, some 25 ghouls, goblins, elfs, imps, soldiers, ballerinas, ghosts and other scay characters came a-knocking. We were quick with the treats I can tell you! Some of the tricks could have been mighty scary.

Annie and Bill (and Henry and Vera), too) are already thinking about next Halloween.

Canada Nutculture Association, Ottawa, Canada: "Progress through Research & Development"