Promoting the growing of tree nuts in Canada, and their use.
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by Hank Jones, Sunday, November 2, 2008

Canada Nulture Association (CNA) promotes tree nut growing and crop use in Canada, as well internationally, provincially and locally. It encourages the development of awards of excellence, learning workshops and buisness models.

An example of an award program is the Nutculture Excellence Award. The Alec and Kathleen Jones Foundation (AKJF) has established an annual prize of about $500 aimed to encourage college students to advance nutculture in Canada. CNA promotes the prize, shortlists the entries each year and awards the prize to the Foundation’s selected winner at its AGM.

An example of the learning workshops is the Nutculture Workshops. CNA promotes nutculture workshops. In cooperation with ECSONG, Cobjon Nutculture Services in recent years has conducted a daylong winter nutculture workshop annually in the Ottawa area that draws its participants from across the whole region. Personal experiences of past growing seasons and plans for the coming seasons are presented by participants in a conference/trade show setting, complete with a variety of exhibits and other activities as well. A national workshop for Canada would be timely.

In order to advance commercial tree nut production across Canada, here are Nutculture Business Models. CNA recognizes five tree nut core business models that have been emerged in the past three decades which it calls the Cormier, the Campbell, the Thomas and the Jones models. CNA promotes and will seek support for these models in the coming years.

CNA recognizes that these models interact well. The tree nuts of the Cormier model can feed seed to seedling nurseries serving the municipalities of the Jones model as well as practicianers of the Thomas model, which in turn can offer its found superior cultivars as grafted stock to proponents of the Campbell model. All can offer Canada tree nut products and services to the world.

Canada Nutculture Association, Ottawa, Canada: "Progress through Research & Development"